Current Workshops Available

Sustainable Costings Workshop

Date: Friday 25th October 2019
Time: 9-12pm
Cost: FREE
Location: TBC Maroochydoore

Description: Explore how to achieve a sustainable creative business, looking at what you need to include in your costings, and how to set prices. This short introduction is targeted at Artisans and Designers to help create a template to begin understanding the financial sustainability of their products and ideas. This workshop is designed in an open format using pen, paper and calculators, so that it can be applied to whatever software the participant prefers in their work situation.

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Mapping Place Workshop

Description: On Sunday, using the foraged materials of the Botanical Gardens, we will explore the art of making natural inks and natural mark making tools. On the second day (Monday), we will take this a step further creating marks and using the natural inks and tools we have made, using our senses to connect into the rhythms and flow of the seasons and the plants that surround us. Each person will find their own unique way to creatively respond and map the surrounding area.

Bookings: Mapping Place Workshop is available in a 1 day or 2 day format (minimum of 6 people). For more information or to register your interest for future workshops please email:


Becoming a Woman Workshop


Description: A gathering for girls, pre-menarche (onset of menstruation) or just ‘started’, with their mothers, to demystify the menstrual cycle and to learn through information sharing about the physical and spiritual opportunities inherent in the female cycle. The gathering is conducted in a circle format over three hours, with the mothers sharing some of their experiences and Anne facilitating an interactive experience with all participants. The basics of the cycle will be explained, linking it to the cycles of the moon and earth seasons. We do a meditation drum journey to meet our inner Goddess and draw and share our experiences.

This gathering serves to honour the feminine experience of the menstrual cycle and to celebrate being a woman who understands her connection to the earths cycles.

Bookings: Becoming a Woman workshop is available in a 2 day format. We meet with the mothers on the first day for three hours. And then the second day involves a three hour session with mothers and daughters combined (minimum of 6 mother and daughter pairs). For more information or to register your interest for future workshops please email: