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Why the Scarf?

This story is about why I spend endless hours making scarves, why not ranges of garments, or ‘fashion’?.

My upbringing was that of a preacher and a teachers’ daughter in the Northern Territory of Australia, our childhood was full of experiences not possessions. So as we moved to the city in my teenage years ‘brands’ and ‘fashion’ consumed me. I loved sewing and making and so the allure to work and be fashionable took me on a journey.

2013-04-15_15 GBI

(Golbourn Island NT Australia 1978 making paper Hats)

It is an interesting concept to explore the […]

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Stretching my Wings and Learning to Fly

The highlight of last week was Kim Schoenberger’s exhibition at the Noosa Regional, I went to the artists talk for the exhibition “Expressions of Love II” and came away completely in love with the work and process, inspired to get going on some of my own projects. Kim began her journey with her mother over a cup of tea and in 2010 presented the first collection of work that shared her story of her mothers passing, using traditional women’s skills she crafted a quilt and other objects that were made entirely of tea bags collected by her mother and friends. […]

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Lovingly Interrupted

A collection of art and objects created to tell the story of being a mum, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend and my struggle to actually make something, during the chaos that mostly surrounds me, and also the journey of finding the courage to explore this creativity that I have always had, but never given value to.
The exact date in 2014 and details will be announced later so keep your eyes on my Facebook  page or Subscribe to my BLOG to see whats exciting and […]

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Lets start Again – Defeatist or Realist

I have given some time and space to the thoughts of letting go of the expectation that I will produce oodles of work. Patience, and accepting what is on the day seems to be the easiest way forward. Very hard for a thousand ideas a minute Aries… to accept that I cannot do everything and be everything, in my head is the constant dialogue, am I being a defeatist or a realist?

Well who knows and if I stop long enough, and come into the present, stop worrying about what I think other people see in me. The quiet inner sanctum […]

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What gets me going!

The highlight of the week was sharing my love of weaving, fibre and form with a group of wonderful people at a workshop I ran at the Rosebed Street Gallery in Eudlo, I loved it. The week leading up to friday was hard work, I had both kids off school sick for the whole week, husband away working and I added  21 hours of cleaning and dressing sores, not to mention being screamed at, hit and abused whilst trying to get them to take their anti biotics….  which as my son has severe food intolerance’s, means he cant have the […]

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Selling Yarns 3, Weaving the Nations Story

Inspiring Quotes from the Conference …….   Canberra March 2013

“pinning craft on the wall doesn’t make fine art. Taking the tradition into a contemporary space into installations and experimenting with how the traditional uses of the form interpret into modern life is the ‘art’ of the object and concepts” Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Director of LOOK, artist

“Tradition is not Static” Christiane Keller, School of Archaeology and Anthropology, The Australian National University

“Culture evolves, Aunty Joice makes her scoops in the footy colours” Melanie Evans, Art Gallery Assistant, Wagga Wagga, Art Gallery

“need to maintain and protect cultural practices, make new forms from old, […]

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Where is my country?

Selling Yarns 3 Weaving the Nations Story, Canberra March 2013

I watched the ants, the big jumping ants as they went on their business. “What you looking at?” she asked, “I’m watching ants, I like watching ants”  I replied. “Me too”  said the woman. “ Sometimes at home I give an ant a crumb and follow them to see where they go” she said. That was the dialogue that connected me as I walked on a tour of Tidbinbilla National Park as part of the Selling Yarns program.

I am 5th generation non-indigenous Australian and have wondered five states in my […]

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Currency of BirdSong – Floating Land 9th June 2013 – Cooroora Institute

780  Belli  Creek Road, Cooroy, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

11am to 4pm Exhibition, Music, Workshops and Food.

What if we used wild birdsong as an indicator of success and status? Instead of asking about jobs or money, we might ask of any process: “yes, but does it produce birdsong?” The currency of birdsong would be seasonal, diverse, and biogeographic; bird habitats would be more important than banks; value would be tied to the ritual of everyday’s dawning and twilight; outside life connected to local places.

About the Process… My passion for the environment underpins all that I create. I am a windfall gatherer, sometimes […]

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Small Town Small Works 2012 – Rosebed Gallery Categories: Fibre and Baskets

Rosebed Street Gallery resides in the heart of Eudlo and is the initiative of local artists, Annie McRae and Maya Carter-Malins.
Their intention is to create a vibrant and inspiring art space that cultivates expression, imagination and originality. The Small Town Small Works show,  was a collection of exciting and eclectic  treasures from a range of Sunshine Coast artists.

My  collection of  baskets for this show was called “Days of the Week” and was a forever growing and changing collection, each one had its own title and identity. I used to have a  feeling of not being able to achieve anything creative as […]

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