Nests and Basket Weaving


Nests and Basket Weaving Always collection and weaving, whenever a spare minute arises. Its a lovely way to pass the time at a park or school drop off and pick up. Creating something small that is portable and the material comes from the local environment means I am never without my work. The nests create a bit of order in the chaos, and have so many metaphors I am constantly entertained by their stories. Trying to honour and use the materials that are in our daily life to create awareness of the discarded throw away components that exist in this [...]

Materials of Place


MATERIALS OF PLACE EXHIBITION CONTINUES NOW SHOWING: The Design Co-Op WHERE: 14 Mary Street, Noosaville, Qld FROM: Tuesday 24th June 2014 7 Days 9am-5pm ORIGINAL ARTIST IN RESIDENCY: June 2014 WHERE: The Cooroora Institute, Cooroy, Qld, AUSTRALIA WHAT: Exhibition, Artist Talk and Facilitated Masterclass As the Winter artist in Residence at The Cooroora Institute, this body of work records the story of place, by collecting windfall from the surrounding plants and using them to make images on fabric the stories that are part of the landscape emerge. The images recorded are not an obvious reproduction of the visual aspects that [...]

Eco Stitching and Doodling


If I were a painter I would have books full of sketches… but as a dyer I have drawers full of fabric… While learning my craft I make endlessly and here is a beautiful way I can use some of my learning to share… It helps me to be freer with my experiments and playing. I call them Eco Doodles. The process used is predominantly ‘eco dyeing’ which is a method developed by India Flint, and this is combined with traditional Japanese Shibori folding and bundling techniques. This is overstitched, I have a passion for keeping womens work and hand [...]

Place and Time


The recording of place and time by collecting windfall from the surrounding plants and using them to make images on fabric helps me make sense of where I belong, and of the stories that are part of that. The images that I record are not an obvious reproduction of the visual aspects that you see, they record the essence of what has happened there, both in the now and the history of the place. What has been introduced to the garden, unwanted weeds and the original habitat, it documents what was in abundance and what was falling off, the season, [...]

Lovingly Interrupted


Digital image installation by Anne Harris, photograph by Tony Webdale LOVINGLY INTERRUPTED + EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE II EXHIBITION ...... COMES TO BRISBANE OPENING: 14 SEPTEMBER3.30pm  DATES: 14 TO 28 SEPTEMBER 2014 WHERE: TAFTA (THE AUSTRALIAN FORUM FOR TEXTILE ARTS), GALLERY 159, 159 PAYNE ROAD, THE GAP, BRISBANE - Open 11 to 4pm Saturday and Sunday or by appointment. Call 0433 162 847 Lovingly Interrupted is a collection of art and objects created to tell the story of being a mother, wife, sister, daughter. In this series, images are created that are both beautiful and thought provoking, these document the continual interruptions that punctuate our [...]

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