Project Description

Viable Nature. The hidden fear and anxiety of pregnancy… and the miracle growing inside. Anne Harris 2013 310x410mm Eco Printed and Stitched Wool /Silk/Cotton

I am drawn to images of the ideal  life and representations of things that look perfect, but have underlying cracks and a dark side. Sometimes the journey to motherhood is incredibly beautiful and sometimes it is gut wrenching and incredibly raw full of twists and turns that tear you apart, mostly these are hidden behind a shroud of social correctness.

My passion for the environment underpins all that I create. I am a gatherer, I try to take only what is given by nature. When I working  I wait days for the leaves to fall from the trees, and when using flowers, it may take weeks to get enough to make the dye. The Eco dyeing process that I use was developed by India Flint and it is from her books and workshops that I have learnt so much and been inspired to continue experimenting.

Sometimes I call my work slow art, because of the ‘unknown, uncontrollable’ nature of the way in which it unfolds, as it is conceived and then emerges from the dye pot, to be stitched and stencilled and sometimes dyed again.