Project Description

Reflections of Ordinary (Diptych) 2015
Plant Pigment on Hemp Canvas
1248 x 2455 x 35

The first light, or the last light, reflections. I used plants from my surrounds, intentionally sorted native to the right. Eucalyptus, bracken, silky oak, macaranga, lomandra, native ginger, grevillia, cabbage palm, the longer you stop and look the more leaves become recognisable. Then to the left moving down into the reflection are the introduced and invasive plants. Cobblers pegs, lantana, goats weed, grasses, some hardly leave a mark on the fabric, a stark contrast to reality. These are overlayed with eucalyptus leaves and leaf litter from the forest floor. There is a simplicity to this record, seamlessly fusing old and new, it’s the story of an ordinary place, about my place, where I live. Sometimes a deep sorrow fills me at how the ordinary has the ability to unknowingly change so much. And then I become absorbed by the process and images created, and am reminded that true beauty has no label.
(From the 2015 Exhibition Notion of an Ordinary Yarn)

Selected as a Finalist for the Moreton Bay Art Award 2016