Project Description




In between

Medium: Mixed media textiles (2015)
Dimensions: 65 x 117 x 4 cmAnne Harris_Inbetween


Artist Statement:
We are in-between, between the coast and the hinterland, between Noosa and Eumundi, our lives are spent travelling in-between places. The beauty of the surrounding scenery, the eucalyptus trees that are forever present, their shadows and grace. The leaves slowly moving in the wind, sometimes falling, leaving traces of colour on the ground as they decay. I have used the pigment and the actual leaves from one of our local trees to dye this work. The shadows in-between remind me of the shadows that cover the forever winding tree lined roads. The leaves in my work are ordered, as we too try and make order of the nature that we consume. Then the leaves slowly fall off the canvas to the right… reminding us that the beauty that surrounds us is forever changing.

Eumundi Green April 2016