Project Description

“No Time to Dye” The idealism of the perfect family, underpins a mothers desire to have time to herself. Anne Harris 310x320mm Eco Dyed Silk Cotton with Silk and Wool Thread.

The play on words relates to the process that I spend so much time thinking about, using natural plant matter to dye and make images underpins a lot of my work.

Constantly being in a frustrated state of balancing my creative pursuits, my own needs, and the family demands, provides the insight for my work. I have a burning desire to create something, that is just about me as an individual, about my own perception. Not me a provider, mother or homemaker.

I am drawn to Self-portraits, images of the ideal family life and representations of things that look perfect, but have underlying cracks and a dark side. Sometimes being a mother is incredibly beautiful and sometimes it is just hardwork, I want other people to know these feelings, so they can be validated and acknowledged.