Project Description


NOW SHOWING: The Design Co-Op

WHERE: 14 Mary Street, Noosaville, Qld

FROM: Tuesday 24th June 2014

7 Days 9am-5pm


WHERE: The Cooroora Institute, Cooroy, Qld, AUSTRALIA

WHAT: Exhibition, Artist Talk and Facilitated Masterclass

As the Winter artist in Residence at The Cooroora Institute, this body of work records the story of place, by collecting windfall from the surrounding plants and using them to make images on fabric the stories that are part of the landscape emerge. The images recorded are not an obvious reproduction of the visual aspects that you see, they record the essence of what has happened there, both in the now and the history of the place. Introduced species, unwanted weeds and the native flora, they document what was in abundance, the season, the weather, the pollution, the shapes of the plants. This work was contrasted against the bleak landscape of Lightning Ridge in Central NSW, incorporating the decomposing metal that forms part of the landscape.

“When you close your eyes in a place, you don’t see what is there anymore, you see what is in the minds eye, the images I make are like that, they are the memory of the place. I take the chemical compounds and plant shapes and found objects and eco dye that onto the fabric to record and document ‘place and time’.” Anne Harris 2014

The residency concluded with a two day workshop that took participants on a journey to witness and learn the process of recording and interacting with the landscape, using the materials at hand to record their connection with place. During this time integral parts of the environment, found objects and materials were used to make art that documented and recorded the experience. Eco dyeing and  basket weaving skills were used to facilitate this process.