Project Description

If I were a painter I would have books full of sketches… but as a dyer I have drawers full of fabric… While learning my craft I make endlessly and here is a beautiful way I can use some of my learning to share… It helps me to be freer with my experiments and playing. I call them Eco Doodles.

The process used is predominantly ‘eco dyeing’ which is a method developed by India Flint, and this is combined with traditional Japanese Shibori folding and bundling techniques. This is overstitched, I have a passion for keeping womens work and hand skills alive. I choose phrases and word plays that keep me amused while I stitch. Other times I just stitch without intention and see what comes up, its very hard to ‘randomly’ stitch the rhythm of the process always seems to draw me into wanting to be precise.

Please email me if you would like to see the latest pictures available for purchase.