E. Tereticornis – Residency March 2017 – Love and Decay

Spending this much time with one tree is becoming challenging, some days I love the fact that I have a something to go to, something that holds me, grounds me, listens to me, shares space with me. Other days when I think of all the things I haven’t done, the collections piled high on spaces throughout my studio, I see the impermanence of it all. I wonder why did I ever start this? Why didn’t I drive straight by the fallen tree without a second thought? Why is it so important that I spend this time working with a tree? […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency February 2017 – Place

When the tree fell, I’d been looking for a plant to work with. I had just finished a body of work ‘Notions of an ordinary yarn’ and part of that had been an investigation into how to use some of the local fibres to make string.

This was an awesome way to really get to know a plant, so I decided to take just one plant and study that for my next body of work. Working out which plant to choose was hard,  I toyed with ideas of residencies at Botanical Gardens or places of significance. Then I thought about the […]

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E. Teriticornis – Watching it Grow

The year has begun and it’s time for a bit of reflection before I leap headfirst into the next cycle of creativity and life. What began as a fallen tree, that I’ve become the custodian of has lead me on a journey of learning, patience, new connections and sharing. Tree is now live and the community unfolds online, workshops, pop up exhibitions, stories of trees and inspiration, engaging people to connect with nature. Observing the resilillance and teachers that we can find in our own places.  I’ve loved developing the first series of workshops, they are about creating sensory maps […]

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Is Craft a Dirty Word?

Textile Fibre Forum Issue #123 (September 2016) has an article that I wrote on IS CRAFT A DIRTY WORD IN TODAY’S CONTEMPORARY ART WORLD, it was very enjoyable to write, as I got to talk to some of my favourite Australian Artists.

To purchase a copy you can go to Artwear Publications or ask your local library to get a subscription. Robert Andrew – Family Landscape No8 Jill Sampson – Mending the Future, 2013, photo Carl Warner1000 Melinda Heal – Loss & Worth – Orange Bellied Parrots Dale Harding – ‘bright eyed […]

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Three Forces – Saint Hiledgard Inspired Event

Three Forces

Saint Hiledgard Inspired Event 

Exhibition, Performance and Workshop ‘Three Forces of the Soul’

9th – 11th September 2016

Imperial Hotel Art Space, 80 Memorial Road, Eumundi, Qld Aust


Three women, myself, Singer Amanda Cole and Herbalist Heidi Merika joined forces to create a sensory experience during the Horzion Festival here on the Sunshine Coast Qld (Aust) in September.

Researching St Hildegard took me on a journey into my own heritage, something I have never given time to do. I had my DNA tested and found that my biological heritage is like a neat European Recipe it shows a circle over England, Ireland, Western Europe […]

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Darwin Warruwi Kakadu and Plants


In 1916 the Rev James Watson arrived at Warruwi in Arnhem Land, he established the first mission in that area.  July this year marked the 100 year anniversary of this event. Many of the people and their families that have worked on the island with the community during this time were invited back for this significant day. People came from all around, and from all states, my family had lived on the island in the 1970’s, my father worked as a community advisor serving the local community as the governance was handed back to Land Councils.

Over 60 people flew in that day on small […]

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Living Locally

Eumundi Green Issue 241 April 13 2016

The Beautiful thing about living in a community is the support that surrounds you. Here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland we are surrounded by creative people, and opportunities to show our work. And by a serendipitous series of events, I was invited to show my work at Core Health Chiropractors (Dr Mal Atkins) in his new practice that opened at 1 Myall Street Cooroy, and now this signature piece is on the front cover of the Eumundi Green. Love how the world works sometimes.

Eumundi Green April 2016

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Interview – Feature Zine Verge Gallery Sydney



The zines ‘Lovingly Interrupted’ & ‘Expressions of Love II’ were created to accompany an exhibition of the work of Anne Harris and Kim Schoenberger. Since the exhibition, the zine has taken a life of its own, becoming a new way for Harris to share her voice and her unique pieces of slow-art with the world. Upasana Papadopoulos spoke to Harris about the exhibition, lessons learned from zine-making and the evolution of her work.

Zines available
Cost: $20 limited edition or $7 PDF download

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Notions of an Ordinary Yarn Opened by Tamsin Kerr

EXHIBITION DATES: 23rd October to 6th December 2015

Noosa Regional Gallery, Pelican Street, Tewantin, Qld, Australia

Dr Tamsin Kerr

Dr Tamsin Kerr, Cooroora Institute. October 2015

Opening Speach

I’d like to acknowledge the Kabi Kabi peoples and traditional owners of this land who understand the critical role of art as part of everyday life; who model ways of being in creative partnership with the natural world and its material thinking. We might […]

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Notions of an Ordinary Yarn – Exhibition

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 23rd October at 6pm All Welcome

DATES: 23rd October to 6th December 2015

Noosa Regional Gallery, Pelican Street, Tewantin, Qld, Australia

The story of the everyday fascinates me, I find beauty and rhythm in my surroundings and ways to use this to record and tell the stories. As art has from the beginning of time, told the stories before me. I use the places and people as inspiration, raising the status and acknowledging the ordinary lives of the everyday.

I choose to use craft based practices, I find this helps make direct links between process and people. The layers […]

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