This year has been very full of learning, and with the help of a RADF grant from the local Council I was able to attend a 5 day masterclass with UK artist and basket maker Tim Johnson. This was an incredible experience of learning new techniques and emerging myself in the teachings of a process based artist who has learnt his art from craft based practices, from historical and contemporary teachings from around the world. The level of skill and techniques, a lot from European decent, were translated into Australian materials and environments effortlessly.

It was fascinating listening to the talks and watching slide shows of both  his work, past and present and the influences that inform his work. To have exposure to an accomplished European contemporary artist that is drawing from such a linage of craft based practices to inform his work is inspiring and I will be processing, and drawing from this experience for a long time to come.

DSC00394 DSC00413
Using Willow sorting technique to sort Cumbunji (Typha latifolia).
Combing an unidentified Sedge ready for drying and string making.

DSC00405 DSC00410
Using a lead beater to break down the fibres and split the pith out.
Hand rolling in conjunction with beating.

DSC00425 DSC00525
Combing Tool, used to breakdown the fibres for quick drying and string making.
Twining, looping techniques with continuous string making.

DSC00418 DSC00710
String Making with Cumbunji.
Different techniques for string making and different fibres.

DSC00652 DSC00566
Using String and a traditional Rush Weaving and a double weaver (thanks Jillian).
Starting a simple twining Rush Bag.

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