Three Forces

Saint Hiledgard Inspired Event 

Exhibition, Performance and Workshop ‘Three Forces of the Soul’

9th – 11th September 2016

Imperial Hotel Art Space, 80 Memorial Road, Eumundi, Qld Aust


Three women, myself, Singer Amanda Cole and Herbalist Heidi Merika joined forces to create a sensory experience during the Horzion Festival here on the Sunshine Coast Qld (Aust) in September.

Researching St Hildegard took me on a journey into my own heritage, something I have never given time to do. I had my DNA tested and found that my biological heritage is like a neat European Recipe it shows a circle over England, Ireland, Western Europe a dash of Scandinavian and a pinch of Finnish. From this I used process to explore 12th century colours and dying techniques, pushing myself to over lap and use repetition to spend time contemplating what these combinations of ancestry, cultural identity really mean for me as an Australian, this work feels like it’s the beginning of a completely separate body of work, that is still to unfold.

There was also the literal exploration of St Hildegards work, that involved becoming familiar with the dualities and getting to know the plants that are able to be grown in our own environment, still referencing the European flora that was carefully documented in the books ‘Physica’ .

There was a narrated Singing Performance, an Exhibition and a Workshop that took you on a sensory experience.

Lots of hardwork, a lesson in giving, and a lesson about what is possible. So many times we think that if only we could go here, be there, have this or that then we could really do what was in our hearts. And Three Forces taught me that you can do what’s in your heart right here, right now, it might take a bit of work, it might push you out of your comfort zone, and you might at times wonder why your doing it. But if you keep coming back to your own motivations, not the shoulds, it all comes out just fine.

You can hear more about Three Forces on this ABC radio interview

A special thanks to the community that supported this event.