It seems that although my child free hours are growing, my dyeing gets going in the last hour before school pick up. As this is all new and exciting, I have been cramming in as much learning as possible. To refresh everyones memories, or bring you up to date, last year I began my dyeing journey with big ideas and a not much knowledge. So I started learning, and researching and experimenting. Using Eucalyptus and Red Onion Skins initially.
And with Jenny Deans’ book Wild Colour, I embarked on a swatching journey that has taken me over 6 months. Now I am getting a true understanding of the natural chemical processes, using whatever comes my way to make the dye and home made potions to modify the results. Homemade iron, copper water, lye, and lemon vinegar combinations, adding shells and dipping and painting and reading India Flint books and blogs and facebook posts all add to my journey.
Calliandra (powder puff flowers) Lorriope Berries, Avocado Skins and Pips, Bark, Wood Shavings, Eucalyptus, Beetroot and more. My biggest concern apart from the aesthetics of what I am doing is that my work needs to be reasonably lightfast and colour fast so that I can create saleable, archivable artwork.
My first Scarves, and an upcycled shirt that got left in the dye pot simmering for about 12 hours… ooops but lucky the lid was on and a bit of water remained when I went and checked that I had really set the new timer properly.
laying with Shibori, ahh there are so many things to that you can do to make a humble piece of cloth and an amazing plant beautiful together.
Salt Rock and Acid and Alkaline Modifiers on Avocado the first is painted on the second is wrapped and splashed on.
Some of the results of all that playing are beginning to pile up and some of it I am starting to grow very fond of. The idea has been growing of a way to create an event for the best of my work.

Lovingly Interrupted

I am going to have an exhibition called ‘Lovingly Interrupted’ it will be my collection of art and objects and the story behind this body of work is my story, of being a mum, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend and my struggle to actually make something, during the chaos that mostly surrounds me, and also the journey of finding the courage to explore this creativity that I have always had, but never given value to.
The exact date and details will be announced later in the year, so keep your diary out for early November. I started working on the images today for the promotional material heres a sneak peak….