The humble nest has taken on a multitude of meanings, as I sit and construct and doodle in 3D, with whatever materials are on hand I find my mind drifting off on many tangents. As I become more aware of truly owning my footprint on this planet, value in everything that passes through my hands becomes apparent. Recycling and landfill become challenged as solutions for ‘waste’ that is created in our opulent society. I was given a  glass jar the other day, (with some leaves that I was trying to get some dye from) I asked, “Would you like the jar back”.  “No, its only a jar” was the reply.  So now I have a new jar, its a beautiful jar. IMG_6565

And so my ramblings begin. I have an aunty who saves all her treasures, small pieces of ribbon, handles from discarded bags, tassels anything really, I get a bag of treasure whenever I visit and from this I pick and pull and stitch and weave and add these snippets of colour to my own scavenged materials. I save all the threads that I trim as I embroider or sew on the machine, or from the fabric as I tear preparing it for dyeing.

on a pedastal weaving grass 5 rafia random

(Ceramic Eggs made by the talented Bec from Spun Mud, can be found at the Eumundi markets on Wed/Sat)

This year my nests are very chaotic, I had them on public display for the first time on Friday, children picked them up and some lingered asking questions about how i made them, or how much I had made from selling them, or they remembered me sitting making them in the school yard. I have struggled to really find a flow to make this small collection, I tried a nest a day, but it faded into guilt after a few weeks, I also found myself giving nests away as I finished them, so the collection did not grow as planned.

IMG_8225 IMG_8236 IMG_8235

These nests will be used as inspiration for a workshop on Wednesday April 2nd 10am to 1pm in Eumundi, and then for an easter display at Local Labels (Bay Village, Hasting Street, Noosa), I love the randomness and hidden meaning in the treasure that they hold. They are simple in form, full of reminders of an everyday life, temporarily repurposed.

If you would like to come and make some nests please email 

The stitching pictures workshop was held a few weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed the morning, here are a few pictures.

IMG_6460 IMG_6463

IMG_6458 IMG_6453 IMG_6455

Have a lovely Easter and a Safe and Peaceful Break.