Here is the latest out of the dye pot…. and they are now in the online shop….

And I will be at the markets. Love to see you there…

Friday 29th of November – Noosa Pengari Christmas Market – 2.30pm – 5pm 86 Nyell Road Doonan, Qld

Saturday 7th December – Chrystal Waters Eco Village 8.30am – 1pm 65 Kilcoy Lane Conondale, Qld

It’s so much fun giving permission to yourself to play, as an adult I find that my creativity is often hampered by the desire to deliver a perfect ‘result’. Initially when I started dyeing I was frugal with all my decisions, cutting small squares for ‘tests’ very conscious of the cost of each metre of fabric that disappeared into the dye pot. It was a safe way to learn, and economically necessary, but as my urge to dye has grown a friend said to me ‘you need to be generous to your art, so you can let go and make mistakes’ so I took her advice and yes it works. I find if I can stop trying to control the exact outcome and play be spontaneous with the gathering, mordanting and bundling. As the bundles are unwrapped I still take my heart in my hand and sometimes immerse them in a post mordant… just to see if I can coax something a bit more out of the process.

IMG_3924 IMG_3099 IMG_3287

I love it, the ongoing exploration, and never quite getting the result that I expected, keeps me going, I heard a very experienced painter talking once, and he said its the elusive painting that keeps him going, he never quite gets the picture he anticipated so keeps on trying again and again. Learning this fine art of textile and natural dye manipulation has the same qualities for me. I don’t think I will ever ‘perfect’ the method and I don’t think I want to, its the process the journey of exploration that is just what my soul enjoys.

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