When can I call myself an Artist. 

There is  small window of time appearing for me to be an Artist.  I made sparodic attempts to begin this journey before, but never really been clear on how it all looks… of course an artists makes things, record images and ideas… but of what? And why….

Now its clearer, its an organic process an extension of my life, I can validate and acknowledge my emotional responses to everyday normal life. Its simple I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter and my interactions in family and community become my artwork. My process records this. Phew now I have that sorted…. I need to work out what to do with all the stuff I am making.

Recording my walks through Canberra for the Selling Yarns conference I was very excited to discover the huge variety of eucalyptus that exists, and that windfall thanks to the birds that love stripping the trees is very easy to come by.  So my days were spent stitching whilst listening to the speakers and when I got home I would bundle up my leaves and fabric and put a dye pot on.

My current problem is that my work has been fading very quickly so I am in the process of investigating the most environmentally sustainable way I can mordant and fix fabrics for eco printing. A key piece of advice from India Flint is Wool and Eucalyptus… so that is where I am headed… but I cant leave the cotton behind just yet, I have a few things I want to test.

IMG_6381 IMG_6378 IMG_6393

Here is a collection of the nights spent with a pot on and at least 9 different sorts of leaves in my pot…. Dyeing heaven.

IMG_6392 IMG_6375 IMG_6403