A very quick trip to Melbourne, partly to source some new fabrics, trims and ideas and just as a break from the intensity of motherhood. After my last trip I am starting small this time 36 hours away and I will build from there in the next year. If you remember last time I went away to the Selling Yarns conference in Canberra I was away a week I had a great time… but at home I spent the next 6 months getting the kids back to functionality. Sounds dramatic, but one of my children is so very sensitive to the world in so many ways, that I need to not rush the separation.

What to take to on a trip…. prepared cloth for dyeing and stitching, a small saucepan, scissors, chocolate, thread, sample cards, small wooden blocks for shibori, metal findings for dyeing. Did I already say chocolate, chamomile tea and of course my trusty water bottle. Should have taken some loose chai, mental note the powder stuff is crap!


Where to go…. Luccello, a very lovely find full of vintage and reproduction haberdashery: Beautiful Silk, for all things natural… fabric and thread: The Fabric Shop, just for a look, they listed ‘organic fabric’ but really x2 merino wool was there only offer, Rose Street Markets, locally made some upcycled lovely local makers.


Where not to go…. Job Warehouse, it doesnt exist anymore, hasnt for at least 2 years. Tylers Lace and Silks, the staff were lovely, but I really hadn’t thought about how the bridal industry is riddled with non-sustainable options… just to get the ‘perfect’ look. We were on different planets, they just didn’t get my sustainable spiel.


Where to eat…. taking full advantage of not having any food intolerant children in tow… so vegetarian a very easy option (salicylates normally make this a difficult option)… Flinders Lane, the soup from the little tiny hole in the wall was delicious…Mushroom with Truffle Oil..mmmm my mouth waters even now. Brunswick Street Vege Bar yum for a egg, mushroom and tomato tagine, with a side of beans…. was yum, but not quite up there, still worth a try the staff were lovely and the range of raw vegan was pretty tantalising. Smith Street, seemed to have a huge variety of vege and vegan cafes mental note for next visit.


A new little friend, a nest and a rainbow on a winters day, always a good sign.

IMG_3529 - Version 2IMG_3498IMG_3488

Streets to walk…. Brunswick, Gertrude, Smith Street a must,  Victoria St, Finders Lane, basically I love Fitzroy… Disappointed in Lygon Street, made the effort, but very quickly headed back down to the Brunswick side of the world.


And to finish it off a pot of dye bubbling away while I binge and watch junky TV, eat Vietnamese Takeaway and Ice cream and drink my quarterly can of coke out of a wine glass. Pure Heaven… my only regret is not having a case big enough to bring back some of  these wonderful dye pots I found.