The search for the red eco print continues and the lightness of returning home from holidays fades, the weeks drag as the summer school holidays go forever…. (I remember as a kid that it seemed endless in a nice sort of way, plenty of time) and now as a mother its a different feeling. So I try and keep on top of the mundane, folding, washing, cooking and set myself little challenges fragmented by the ongoing interruptions of youth. I tried to do a embroidery in half an hour, thinking it would be like a life drawing, where you do quick sketches and are often surprised by the results… well 30min and 10 stops and starts didn’t get it finished. (kept me amused and sort of feeling like I had done something creative at least in spirit).

IMG_5411 IMG_5409

There is a brief reprieve I cunningly planned and the children delighted in some week long workshops in things that they love, so with drop and pick up I have 2 and 1/2 hours to get something started and finished in daylight hours. The clock marks the time which seems to be in fast motion….

IMG_5413 IMG_5438

And I really am trying to be methodical and do the tests without my usual impatience so I can duplicate results with the full knowledge and why and how it worked, not the fly by the seat of my pants, surprise that is delightful. So the little pot is on the stove, first sample out very disappointing, nice leaf releaf but not the red I am searching for… ahhh which tree did those leaves come from…

IMG_5443 IMG_5426

Second out of the pot and I got it! red red red, now to repeat the process and be sure of identification so I go in search of what I think is the same tree.

IMG_5429 IMG_5450

Also started working on some larger canvases, something I have had in the back of my mind for a very long time, and feel that its time and I have the skills to at least make something that might resemble where I want to be. So in the true spirit of slow art I begin mordanting cloth.

IMG_5433 IMG_5440

And also prepare another batch of scarves for Local Labels Noosa, with my heart in my mouth these should have some lovely red prints.

IMG_5444 IMG_5451

The pictures I got finished this week reflect the fragmented feelings, and the emotions of being always joined to ones family, and Breathe (ahhh) I was stitching and the kids kept arguing and then they went to bed and all was quiet I felt such a nice sense of calm ahhh nice quite sigh, as now the sound of the fan and the frogs. Bliss.

#113 Together Eco Dyed and Stitched Silk 205 x 205mm by Anne Harris #112 Leave Space Eco Dyed and Stitched Silk/Wool 205 x 205mm by Anne Harris

#114 Random Leaves Eco Dyed and Stitched Silk 205 x 205mm by Anne Harris #111 Breathe Eco Dyed and Stitched Silk 205 x 205mm by Anne Harris