The excuse that I need to be good at something, is a way for me to procrastinate and wallow in my own self doubt. I suddenly realised during the last month  I  am already good at something: sewing, stitching, dyeing and designing textiles and garments. This may seem obvious to blind Freddy, but I have been butting my head against the wall thinking that I didn’t have the ability to make anything that could truly be considered ‘art’ because I am not a Master Craftperson or Artisan. So I have been diligently going to classes, slowly amounting my hours (nearly 400 hours  now) and my skills, keeping a small count of them so that one day in the dim dark future I would be able to hold my head high and the results of my labour and ‘their’ would be a finished object.

There is a theory, that to be really good at something, like making, singing, sport or playing an instrument, that you need to do it for 10,000 hours,  and I worked out that I have already achieved that in the textile and garment world. So now I can regroup, the shroud has been lifted, and with a new sense of confidence I can begin to make great art right now… I just need to stop thinking of reasons why I’m not able to… So where does that leave my love of wood….

IMG_1430 IMG_1429 IMG_0546

I’m not sure, I guess it takes the pressure off and I can just enjoy my wood journey as it slowly unfolds over the next couple of years, and the chair (pictured above) that I have been making over the last year or so becomes part of the process and the learning.

IMG_0398 IMG_0337 IMG_1527

And what else has been happening in the workroom… a trip with three generations of my family to the Noosa Regional Gallery to see Changed:Everything Changes, We are changed by everything by Cernak. They have a great interactive room set up. Here are three generations of poems that we penned while we were there, the first is by me, the second by my father and the last one is my sons.

IMG_2277 IMG_2279



.. and to the Everglades where the water is orange from tannin and the leaves are black and the sedge reeds are just waiting to be woven into something…. or dyed…



IMG_2291 IMG_2292 IMG_2301