Finishing the year on a high, I decided to take space at a new shop Local Labels Noosa, which meant the holiday season began with an intense burst of work to ‘stock’ the shop before I went away. Taking my family to visit our interstate relatives is a Christmas ritual now and it gets funnier as the kids get older and less used to being surrounding by city things and shops and escalators and lots and lots of buildings and people.

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Christmas is always multifaceted in my family, my father is a retired minister, so there is the deeply religious elements of a small town church… mixed with the light hearted elements that my extended family bring.

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And the gifts and giving, I feel so blessed that we have the time to let the children learn how to sew and weave and learn the love of making. All around us as we travel from family to family is creativeness.

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The long country roads are dry and barren, windy and windy… the endless kids craft and entertainment in houses not used to the active inquisitive minds and bodies of my children seems endless at times.

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I try to just let go and not miss my own making and creative outlets while we travel, but I still sneak in some work, learning more about the local Eucalyptus and stitching by the lamp light while the children sleep. The festive season is all but done now, and it is full of happy moments, but there is also a darker element to the season that plays on my mind, the ‘checking up’ on people as we pass through their lives. Are they all OK? Are they remembering enough? Happy enough? Satisfied enough? Able bodied enough? Time and distance creates a boundary that is removed when the holidays begin.

So to all we know and don’t know, may 2014 be a year of simple pleasures and contentment… and making….