The year has begun and it’s time for a bit of reflection before I leap headfirst into the next cycle of creativity and life. What began as a fallen tree, that I’ve become the custodian of has lead me on a journey of learning, patience, new connections and sharing. Tree is now live and the community unfolds online, workshops, pop up exhibitions, stories of trees and inspiration, engaging people to connect with nature. Observing the resilillance and teachers that we can find in our own places.  I’ve loved developing the first series of workshops, they are about creating sensory maps that people can use as tools to connect and feel landscape and place. Truely embodying where they are, and giving people ideas of how this can be recorded and explored. The first Pop Exhibition of the work that people from the Noosa Regional Gallery Workshops (January 2017) was such an honour to prepare and share.

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So from here, Tree Place will continue to grow and I will continue to grow with it. On a personal level, I felt 2016 went too fast, everything seemed to be a rush from here to there. The constant feeling of never being enough, so I am taking a year to be with the tree. Sounded a bit strange at first, but as the idea has grown I can’t think of anything I would rather do.

E. Tereticornis – Self Directed Artist Residency

This will start first week of February and I will begin by investigating each aspect of the tree, so for me that means a lot of repetition in process, starting with the leaves, then wood, bark, history, cultural, ancestry, the list seems to be endless. There will be an accountability and parameters that I will set, so that I stay on track. I am not going to be attached to an ‘exhibition date’ or the idea of completing ‘finished work’ it will be a year of exploring, playing and seeing what results. This is partly inspired by a website (link below) Residency in Motherhood.

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The more I work with plants and especially the tree, the more I feel a connection to where I live. We have a joke when we drive around, I look for trees, my son looks for tennis courts, my daughter looks for horses and possible chocolate and my husband looks for boats. Nature doesnt feel so scarey any more, I go for walks into unknown bushland and I get so absorbed that time seems to vanish. So this year, I will also do a small amount of work with other natural fibres, string seems to re-appearing in my work.

Lastly for a wonderful way to start the year I have been invited to present a session at the ‘Wild Remembering Retreat’ in October. Heidi Merika who I worked with in the Three Forces last year (2016) is fascilitating a beautiful 3 day retreat in Beerwah Qld, she is a Herbalist and Wild Crafting Botanical Lover. Humbled and full of Gratitude.

Wild Remebering Retreat