There is so much more you can do when you work with people, and when I look at trees, it seems the same. When they are part of a forest or habitat there is such an abundant diverse ecosystem. On the other hand the stress I see when trees are ‘saved and isolated’ when land is cleared, these trees have all their networks stripped away and I wonder how that must be for them.

Saved Trees

Now I am beginning to understand what it is like to be part of a forest, using modern technology to connect and share ideas, the virtual world that we live in brings together an ecosystem of like minded people to work together. The diversity and un-expected synergy of this makes community artwork incredibly rewarding.

Anne & Jenai

This month I had an opportunity to work closely with Jenai Hooke, sharing knowledge, time skills, laughs and long hours. Sharing a common passion for plants, environment and connection to people. We developed a trust and relationship of respect and understanding, from this we facilitated a range of workshops and public art that became part of the Horizon Festival 2017.

Standing Here was part of this, it was a beautiful installation comprising of 100’s of naturally dyed squares of fabric, bringing together the natural dyeing work from communities around the World, to celebrate environment connection and sustainability.

The story of the flags can be viewed online @thetreeplace #treeplace


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Earth Based Media

Horizon Festival Sunshine Coast