As the year comes to an end my work in Tree Place intensifies, all the projects and collaborations come to a closure and the Community Exhibition comes together. A lot of people have been asking this month about my work, there’s so many makers and artisan markets around our area. I consider the work that I have been doing and where this residency has taken me, and all of this is part of a diverse creative practice.

The accountability of having to write a monthly blog has been fantastic, as it means that I have to take time to reflect on what I’ve been doing, and a reason to articulate and consolidate an element of the process here to share with you.

The work from the community workshops has been included in a few pop-up exhibitions, and now this work is presented altogether. The purpose is to help people find ways to engage and connect with plants and the natural surroundings, Tree Place is using creativity and ancient processes to help people become aware of practical ways they can use the plants around them.

Seven Generations Collaboration

The idea is developed from a concept of when people are really engaging with their environment, not just on a technological iphone take a ‘selfy’ sort of way, when they are touching and interacting they embody what they are seeing.

They become aware of the seasons, and really know the plant, or something tangible in their landscape.

When people engage the sensory skills and are given tools of how to use the materials, supplemented with ideas of how stories can be recorded in creative ways, they begin to be aware that they are part of their landscape.

When people have this awareness of the natural environment it all becomes personal and intimate.

Shane Bee hive
Brent Miller Welcome photo Owen Lyells
Amber Grimley, Anne Harris Jane Welsh & Julie Gardner Photo Owen Lyells

Included in the exhibition are spoon carvers of all levels, work from well known carvers Jeff Frazer, Gary Field, Carol Russel and Corrie Wright also a collection from up and coming carvers from Noosa Pengari School. Added to this are Tree Stories and Mythology from two local ceramicists Jane Welsh and Bec Lindenman, wearable art from Julie Gardner. Images from Dallas Sutherland and Viki Murray, Bunya Inspired Forms from the Bunya Artist Collaboration, and the unveiling of ‘Tree Spirit’ a large native beehive sculpture by Shane Christensen. And a local 200 million year old Pentaxylon fossilised tree.

Bec Lindeman Photo by Owen Lyells
Phoebe Kennedy & Izzy Trusler Photo Owen Lyells
Terri Waller Seven Generations Photo Owen Lyells

The Beauty of this work, is the diversity and stories that keep evolving as Tree Place grows, the collaborations of people and the networks of community that are spreading. Also the accessibility of the creative process, children’s work is exhibited next to established and international artists, it’s a merging of creative community.


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