The year is off to a flying start and I have a space to sell my work in Hasting Street Noosa, so theres no more fluffing around. Its nice to have a purpose to my making, timely. I have been practicing and recording, playing and now I need to pull it all together and just get on and create. The school holidays mean that my work hours are shuffled into the moonlight hours…. and I find myself working by the light of the torch, and gathering leaves as I run errands and taxi the family around. My shed is neglected and everything is moved to the house so I can keep one ear out while the children sleep.

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The red leaf prints that seemed to appear easily in my initial work (are now elusive)  have become a bit of an obsession… and I think I have finally found a source. The pots simmer away on a 41′ day, I am trying to be more daring and added lots more iron and chunks of bark that I had found from our bloodwood tree. The result is thick dark dye and lots of sediment.

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As I unwrap the bundles the colours are intense and bleed into the dark lines of the dye pot, as they dry they soften and fade a little. I have been doing more eco doodles, I feel a lightness, on returning from our holidays, the words that spring to mind, as I stitch have a sense of fun and joy to them. “Leaves me Laughing” , ” Releaf” , ” Leaves are Never Straight” …. its good to be home.

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During the holidays I don’t have long hours to work away, time is short, so the projects become smaller I just finished an iPad cover and some utility bags (for iPods, travel or treasure)… I love the paradox of beautiful timeless handmade, completely  compostable covers for the technology that is so difficult to dispose of when it reaches its used by date.

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