A clear blue sky at a property in the Tambourine Mountains (Queensland, Australia), during the warm January of this year (2015). Posting this a little late, but the images from the days spent dyeing, sewing, and making amulets are a nice reminder of the learning. A trio of women conceived the idea and brought the blues to life. India Flint, Roz Hawker and Tarla Edwards were the hosts. The property where the workshop was held has an inspiring garden, nearly self sustaining in its practice. We had a tour one day and the array of food that is grown there is incredible,  the dye garden that is interspersed in amongst it is do die for… pardon the pun…

IMG_9576 IMG_9675
India Flint talking about the plants and process.

IMG_9681 IMG_9680
Tarla, showing us how she makes her own indigo from plants grown on her property.

India makes a brew.

IMG_9593 IMG_9592

IMG_9588 IMG_9591

IMG_9590 IMG_9589
We get to look up close at the different traditional dye plants.

IMG_9638 IMG_9645
Some metal work skills from Roz and a lot of delicious food from ingredients grown on the property.

IMG_9702 IMG_9700
The results a beautiful eclectic mix of blue and blues, of creativity and busy hands.



Tarla Edward Tambourine Mountain Indigo