The pursuit of blue has taken me on lovely journey and into a new obsession with colour…. I was lucky to have a whole weekend where I could play, and with the easy to follow directions provided by Jenai of Alchemist Inside (link below) I was able to finally make some of the shibori samples that I have been looking at online and in books for what seems like ages.  It was so much easier than I had made it in my head.

IMPORTANT – use heavy duty thread i.e. linen or heavy weight quilting cotton thread, you can put a small piece (1cmx1cm) at the end where you secure the knot when starting…. this was a massive help, it made undoing them easy, and also stopped the starting knot from slipping through or damaging the finer fabrics. You can use any dyes once you have stitched your fabrics….

2014 08 indio1 2014 08 INDIGO6 2014 08 INDIGO4 2014 08 INDIGO3 2014 08 indigo2 2014 08 INDIGO 5


Alchemist Inside