Learning new things, and just taking a short time out to play, helps me let go of the shoulds. Its so easy to get caught up in producing work for specific purposes, pre-comitted ideas that have deadlines and external inspiration. Going inside and forgetting all that grown up stuff, making marks and gestures with a medium, giving myself permission to make mistakes.

Kym Barrett’s cold wax workshop at the Noosa Regional Gallery ticked all the boxes, she is a teacher that is firmly grounded in her own practice. Comfortable and confident in sharing the techniques, and for this workshop the refreshing part was some guidance and discussion on the age old concepts of composition.

More of Kym Barrett’s beautiful work and upcoming workshops can be seen at her website http://www.visualartist.info/kymbarrett

Kym process

Kym Barret in action

Kym Process 2

More Process from Kym


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