‘Life’ is the leaves which shape and nourish a plant, but ‘art’ is the flower which embodies its meaning. (Charles Rennie Mackintosh).

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The first collection for my online shop is called ‘And then the Rain’ I like to give my work a story, a context of where it has originated and what was happening in the workroom at the time. For this collection, I was working purely on aesthetics as I master my dyeing techniques, playing with fabrics and combinations of silk, cotton and wool. hand stitching and some machine stitching, always playing and experimenting trying to let go of perceived results. Because the nature of eco dyeing really is magical, you never know what may happen…. follow my story.

And the rain came and the winds blew… the leaves fell in abundance… Eucalyptus and Kangaroo Paw have endless possibilities and combinations. The smell of the wet bush always makes everything seem clean and about to burst with new growth. The anticipation of the last few weeks, the sky building its clouds and threatening, always threatening to rain… then disappearing  to another place.

IMG_4102 IMG_4101 IMG_4100

The Water tanks are half full and the tank on my studio is overflowing, the dye pot is working its magic.

IMG_4092 IMG_3924 IMG_4095

The different types of scarves are grouped by name, borrowing from the time of Charles Rennie Mackintosh when art and design took on new meaning and encompassed all aspect of life.

Workroom Fine Cotton Fringe Scarf 2200 x 600mm

Studio Soft Silk Fringe Scarf 2000 x 400mm

Art Lovers Cotton Scarf 1600 x 400mm

Tea Room Fine Soft Wool Scarf 1800 x 300mm

I have so much more to learn, but I am happy to show this to you all and hope that with Christmas fast approaching some lucky people will benefit from my work. Be inspired, be creative and never stop making.


IMG_7796 IMG_7807  IMG_7848 IMG_7897 IMG_7902 IMG_7912 IMG_7930 w  a b i 2  c sa a t c silkscour kang banksia  c sa a b i 2 ctn preiron IMG_7937 Tea Room Scarf