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Endings and New Beginnings

This is the final blog post for the workroom. I will continue to do a monthly newsletter and keep the exhibition, shop and workshop updated.

However, in a world of ever-increasing data overload, I am taking the step to simplify both my and your life and stop blogging.

When I started this blog, I was just beginning the journey of creative artist, my children were small and the breaths between mothering were small. The blog was a way to be accountable for my creative practice and gave me an audience.

Now, as I have become more confident, I feel our society is changing. […]

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Optimistic Activism…. Can a Weed be a Wildflower?

Optimistic Activism…. Inspiration to live this life.

Working as an artist with plants has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of awesome people and some pretty special plants too. On the 2nd May at 5.30pm Wild Flower/Women II will be opening at the Caloundra Regional Gallery, Qld. I was invited to be one of the artists that explore Kathleen McArthur’s work and create my own response.

For those that haven’t heard of Kathleen, she was a women who lived on the Sunshine Coast, and with her good friend (poet) Judith Wright created […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency December – Identity

This is the last post for the residency, 12 months of finding ways that the tree and I can work together. I feel like it’s been a year about learning to trust and listen. A year of reaching out, growing, working with community through the workshops, collaborations and exhibitions, its been exciting, scary and rewarding. I’m full of gratitude for all the people, places and knowledge that have been shared with me.

Now its time for me to go and digest all of this, to go and make some work, to go and do […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency November – Community

As the year comes to an end my work in Tree Place intensifies, all the projects and collaborations come to a closure and the Community Exhibition comes together. A lot of people have been asking this month about my work, there’s so many makers and artisan markets around our area. I consider the work that I have been doing and where this residency has taken me, and all of this is part of a diverse creative practice.

The accountability of having to write a monthly blog has been fantastic, as it means that I […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency October – Learning

Learning about plant use creates opportunities to share knowledge, and through the process of lived experience the information about seasons, plant families, habitat is embodied. Doing this over a period of years deepens the layers of that knowledge.

Generally my relationship with a plant starts through either a verbal story, from a public talk, conversation or workshop that I’ve attended, sometimes its from something I’ve read. Then I go and try to identify and find the plant, this also means finding the habitat, asking other friends who have an interest in plants, do they know this […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency September – Growing

There is so much more you can do when you work with people, and when I look at trees, it seems the same. When they are part of a forest or habitat there is such an abundant diverse ecosystem. On the other hand the stress I see when trees are ‘saved and isolated’ when land is cleared, these trees have all their networks stripped away and I wonder how that must be for them.

Now I am beginning to understand what it is like to be part of a forest, using modern technology to […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency July – Sapling

“Where the ancient tree stood a new sapling sprouts from its stump, this creates the inspiration for new connections, and celebration of the resilience of nature and people, and the sense of well-being that comes from our relationship with trees.”
Quote from the original Tree Place Project Outline.

Its been nearly two years since the original tree fell, and I visit the base from time to time watching the new sapling grow tall. Watching the powerline that it sits under, wondering how long it will be until the sapling touches this and is cut down. In some ways […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency June 2017 – Loss

The tree is the teacher of connection, and a gentle way of learning place, strengthening resolve about what your life’s work is. Sometimes this is a reflection of learning about the past, sitting with this and acknowledging the violations of people and the places of their ancestors. And then being here in the present, seeing what really is, when we stop, look and use the teachers that are patiently waiting. The stillness, assuredness and strength that taking time to connect with our own place brings, a new conversation for the future begins.

Awareness of the clearing of local bush is one […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency May 2017 – Fallen

The more time I spend with the tree, the more I seem to spend my time thinking about trees. It’s my obsession, and for whatever reason I find the sight of a fallen tree enchants me, it’s a macabre attraction. I try and sit with it sometimes to understand what is so beautiful about the roots and seeing the earth, its like a window opened to the centre of the world.

One internal dialogue goes, ‘you’re a bounty hunter, hungry to make the most of another’s mis-fortune’ another says ‘you’re from a thrifty […]

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E. Tereticornis – Residency April 2017 – Bunya

The lessons from a tree take time, and requires more patience than I realised I possessed. When I first embarked on the journey I thought it would be a practical exploration, where I used process to learn about all the possibilities and voices of the physical tree. The twist to this is you can’t learn about a tree unless you learn about the community that it shares space with.

When I began to learn about the old tree, I became aware of the importance of the Bunya Tree. This country is Kabbi […]

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